a personal budget and expense manager

Buddy is an application currently available for Windows/Linux/Unix/Maemo platforms that can manage your personal budget and expense records. It comes with a good collection of graphical reports to help you analyse your spending habits and to help plan your financial budget.
Your data from the application can be sync'ed wirelessly with other devices/PC's running buddy or exported as a csv file to be processed by any spreadsheet application besides serving as a backup. Data records in the application are protected using encryption and can also be archived in the app for safe storage.
The application makes use of SQLite DB to store your data and is developed using the latest QT4.7 framework and C++ on Linux.
Many days of hardwork and effort has gone into the design/making of this nice app so any donation for registration to make the time spent worth the while is much appreciated by clicking the download link above.

Main Highlights

  • Accounts/Budgets/Expenses
    click on the accounts/budget/expense icon in the detail section for more information
    • expenses/budgets can be recorded for any period in time and a recurrence can be set.
    • category can be linked to an account(eg. debit/credit card, bank accounts).
    • expenses/budgets can be marked as pro-rated if needed.(read the detail section)
    • expenses/budgets are entered against a category.
    • expense/budget records displayed in a table per category.
    • multi-currency support.
    • entries can be sorted/filtered by date.

  • Reports
    Five graphs to be able to give you a clear picture of the utilization and expenditure trend.
    click on the reports icon in the detail section for more information
    • usage graph
      utilization of the budget against expenses for any period per category.
    • distribution graph
      distribution of your money in different categories for the budgets/expenses.
    • trend line graph
      expense and budget trend for week/month/year.
    • totals graph
      totals of budget Vs expense for each month of a financial year.
    • savings graph
      usage/savings and expense distribution for the account.

  • Backup/Restore
  • click on the backup icon in the detail section for more information
    • sync your data wirelessly with devices/PC's connected on the same network.
    • csv files can be imported to be used in an external PC for example.
    • csv files can also be read by the application and added to the DB.
    • data can be archived until any date for safe storage as read only.
    • data can be unarchived for read-only use and running reports
    • auto snapshots of the DB are taken each time a sync happens.
    • can go back to a certain point in time by selecting a snapshot.

  • Data Protection
    • Buddy is password protected.
    • database is stored in encrypted format.

  • multi language support
    • english
    • german
    • dutch
    • arabic
    • russian
    • finnish
    • spanish
    • italian

  • Multi Platform Support
    • Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Linux
    • Unix
    • Maemo

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